Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Chewing On Its Paws

When your dog starts chewing on their paws, it can be due to some serious issues. Some pet owners might not find this alarming, but this can be an indication of a number of underlying problems. If you want to know what causes this habit, then this article is for you


Allergies can cause itchiness and pain. It can be due to food, pollen, or dust, or could be contact allergies from certain materials. It’s possible that your dog is chewing on their paws to alleviate the itching. However, you have to be mindful of pet care for this because continued licking or chewing might lead to worsening inflammation.

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Anxiety and Stress

Chewing on their paws may mean that your dog is trying to cope with anxiety or stress. They do this to soothe themselves and try to calm them down. If your dog starts chewing only when they are left alone or when placed in a stressful situation, then this may be the reason.

Boredom or Too Much Energy

Your dog might be bored or could have too much energy to spare which is why they start chewing on their paws. This is one way for them to release the excess energy. If your dog is doing this and does not show any other symptoms, then try taking them out for a bit of exercise and mental stimulation.

Injury or Pain

Another reason why your dog might be chewing on their paws is due to joint pain or injury. Dogs have a tendency to lick the parts of their body where they experience pain as a way for them to alleviate discomfort.

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Skin Infections

Paw irritation can be caused by a variety of skin illnesses or infections. Most of the time these are due to bacterial and fungal infections. They chew on their paws because this can help relieve the discomfort that they feel because of the redness, itching, and inflammation. It may also have a foul smell so if you notice these symptoms, make sure that you visit the veterinarian to get it checked.

Be observant about your dog’s behavior. Chewing on their paws might seem like nothing, but it can be a cause of something serious. If it’s an injury or infection, then they might need the help of a veterinarian. If you take the steps to identify and address the underlying cause of such behavior can curb any severe problems. This is crucial to ensure that your dog is happy and healthy.